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Antz World is a non-profit organization that seeks to create and build a sustainable ‘arts with technology’ ecosystem to benefit our under-served children within our community.
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Saturday, 23rd May 2020       

(10am – 10.45am)

@ Online via Zoom

AnTz continues its series of online classes with Han. This is our 4th class with Han where we continue to explore making interesting art pieces with shapes.

Please whatsapp Jennie @ 012-5362168 if you require any additional information.

Sketch With Han (23May2020)



Saturday, 16th May 2020 

(10am – 10.45am)

@ Online via Zoom

AnTz continues its series of online classes with Han. This is our 3rd class with Han where we explore making interesting art pieces using shapes.

Please whatsapp Jennie @ 012-5362168 if you require any additional information.

Sketch with Han - 16th May 2020

About Us

Antz World envisages empowering our children with artistic expression using emergent technology and creating a connected community through new localization.

We believe in providing a nurturing learning environment for children to discover their creative potential, develop interpersonal skills and values.

We have a social mission of inspiring and providing opportunities to under-served young people to pursue the arts, regardless of their personal or financial circumstances.

Art brings beauty and creativity.

In this age of technology, art is fundamentally essential for society. Art brings beauty and creativity into the society. They are very important because they make society better and brings a sense of enjoyment and pleasure. They allow for the expression of truth and beliefs. They portray various ideas, feelings such as triumph, love, happiness, sorrow and boredom.

Antz World believe Art should be enjoyed and accessible to all.

Vision & Mission


Our vision to provide children opportunity to empower their artistic expression with emergence technology.


It is our mission to develop a sustainable arts eco-system that will benefit our community and to connect with other communities. We believe connecting communities will create new localization.

  • To provide the opportunity for children to discover and acquire artistic expression through art and technology.
  • To serve the underserved children of the community.
  • To create a community through new localization.


The Rice Company Limited (‘TRCL’) is one of our partners in what we do as they share the same vision as us. TRCL is a Singapore based company incorporated on 26 March 2014 and is a registered charity with an IPC (Institutions of a Public Character) status.

Both TRCL and Antz World believe in offering opportunities for children and youth to receive training in the area of arts regardless of their personal or financial circumstances.

The Little Arts Academy (LAA) is an established arts training centre founded by TRCL. With the support of Business Times Budding Artist Fund (BTBAF), LAA has touched lifes of many beneficiaries. The following are just a few:

16 years old

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Dineaish joined LAA in 2013. He pursued dance and was accepted into SOTA in 2016. Dineaish hopes to enter LaSalle to pursue a Diploma in Dance.

“I’ve found a family at LAA. LAA gave me the chance to study at my dream school and to pursue my dance passion further. I’ve also been given the opportunity to perform overseas and I’m ever so grateful to BTBAF for allowing me to learn so much through this dance journey.”

24 years old

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Graduated with highest accolades as a valedictorian, Model Student & Outstanding Class Leader awards at Singapore Polytechnic – Diploma in Applied & Psychology.

“Being in 10 Sq Y gave me ample opportunities to learn the ropes behind pre/post production, organizational skills, leadership and made me love teaching young people. Most importantly, it made me realize the value of the arts. That the arts have the ability save, inspire and heal lives. I’m the artiste I am today because of my humble beginnings with LAA & 10SQ.”

Ng Hui Qi
20 years old

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Hui Qi took visual arts and was a prolific painter. Her works were selected for corporate collaterals and exhibited at SIBOS 2015 in Singapore.

“Through my training at 10Square Youth, I learned more about visual arts and had managed to build a good portfolio. On top of that, I also met a group of friends who are passionate about arts and had done various projects with them.

After leaving 10sq, I pursued my diploma in Early Childhood with Ngee Ann Poly. I graduated last year and am now an Early Childhood Teacher.”

18 years old

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Shahizman took up dance. A talented student he represented Singapore at ChildAid Asia Indonesia 2017.

“With my mother being the sole breadwinner, supporting my sister and I, I am grateful to BTBAF which has given me the opportunity to learn more about the performing arts and experience a taste of what its like in the performing arts industry. The Arts Incubation Programme has helped me find my passion and interest in dance. I was lucky to be trained by nationally known professionals who opened my eyes to the different aspects of dance. Without BTBAF, it would have been a harder struggle for me to find what I loved to do, as my family would not have been able to afford an education for a course in a performing arts academy, and I would have been given far less opportunities and platforms to showcase my talent in front of an audience.”

Gerald Mok
20 years old

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Gerald was joined 10Square Youth vocal programme in 2016. A choir student in school he wanted to do contemporary and pop music which he was passionate about. He became a youth leader and proved to be a reliable and strong leader. Among his many singing platforms was Paragon National Day month and a fund raiser ‘Moving hearts and Overflowing hands. He was accepted to LaSalle to pursue music.’

“The BT BAF has helped me by funding my fees for the 10 Square Youth programme. When I first came to 10 Square Youth programme, I did not know how to sing pop songs. But after receiving music training for one year, I manage to learn. Both BT BAF and 10 Square Youth have made me learn many new things and also made me become a better person – more disciplined and confident.”

Nur Afiqah
24 years old

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Afiqah was in the pioneer batch of youth students when the youth programme was launched in 2012. She was part of Saltare Beats a hip-hop dance group that created a name for themselves in Singapore and overseas. The group took part in ChildAsia Japan 2013 and ChildAid Malaysia 2013. Afiqah went on to pursue her diploma in dance at LaSalle and was offered the degree programme. She received a Mendaki scholarship for both programmes. She now co-owns a dance studio somewhere in Bukit Timah.

“My ambition is to be a professional dancer and choreography artist. I also aspire to give back to the community and inspire people. BT BAF has made it possible for me to develop the relevant skills and platforms to further my studies. I am grateful to BT BAF for aiding me and supporting my dreams. I am currently pursuing my Bachelor in Dance and hopes to give back after graduation.”

Putri Nurinsyirah
17 years old

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A talented thespian, Insyirah and her twin sister joined LAA in 2013 and graduated to 10Square Youth in 2015. They were graduated in 2016 after having performed and stage manage two productions at 10Square auditorium. They represented BT BAF and Singapore at ChildAsia Japan in January 2016. The helmed the show with two other Japanese emcees. Both sisters have taken on roles in local Malay dramas produced by MediaCorp.

“From the time I spent in 10sq I learnt a lot about the theatre industry and how to prepare myself for it. There were also some life skills which I have learnt, like being more open minded and firm and more outspoken . I benefitted a lot in improving my social skills. Now I know how to manage things with others . I am enrolled with Ngee Ann Poly’s film, sound and video course and will learn more about the arts.”

17 years old

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Hidayah joined LAA’s music programme in 2013. She went on to achieve her Grade 3 for her Trinity Colleage of London music exams. A talented keyboardist, she wrote a song for LAA’s production ‘BFG’ in 2017 and provided the live music for LAA’s subsequent production.

“I feel very privileged to be able to pursue my musical passion without having to worry about the financial costs involved.  Through LAA, I have learned a lot such as music improvisation, arrangement and composition of original pieces. This is possible because of a very supportive teacher, Mr Amin. I can now play a range of instruments including the piano, guitar, drums, angklung and ukulele. I hope this will help to fulfill my dream of becoming a composer in the future.”

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